1. "All That We Are Is A Golden Spark In The Silent Darkness Of This Upset World" - a new ambient track of mine included in the new Grenzwellen Radio's "Elf" Compilation, OUT NOW

  2. "Our Hopes Are Sleeping in Abandoned Subways" - a new ambient track of mine included in the new "Human is Human's Master" Compilation OUT NOW on Nenormalizm Records

  3. Nachtlicht - released by Slow Tone Collages (The Netherlands) on November 18th 2022, 7 copies left here

  4. Moonlight Romance - released by Aural Canyon (US) on October 7th 2022, 10 copies left here

  5. Beauty and Misery - released by on Slow Tone Collages (The Netherlands, a Shimmering Moods Records' sister Label for long ambient forms)

  6. Soft Skin, Eternal Verses - released by Mahorka (Bulgaria)

  7. Our Dreams Will Be Told - released by ROHS! Records (GER)

  8. "Our Skin, Unfaithful Daughter of Time" - a new ambient track of mine included in the new "Medition 8" Compilation OUT NOW on Shimmering Moods Records (The Netherlands)

  9. "Home Is" - released by Shimmering Moods Records (The Netherlands)

  10. "stjerne" - released by Secret Press (CZ)

  11. Diamonds are Underwater - released by Assembly Field (UK)

  12. V.V.A.A. - a tiny tribute to Lou Ottens: lo​-​fi​-​ambient tunes for tape and instruments by IT label Tiny Drones for Lovers with a new track of mine called "These Rooms are Too Empty"

  13. her name is a whispered lullaby - released by Shimmering Moods Records (The Netherlands)

  14. Promises - new 1track (40min) handmande album - self released May 2021

  15. Ljós - released by ROHS! (GER)

  16. Distant Harmonies - XMAS new 3track handmade album - self released on December 2020

  17. of memories and hopes - released by ROHS! (GER)

  18. The World Outside - released by Organic Industries (GER)

  19. drømmende - released by Cathedral Transmissions (UK)

  20. When the Light Went Out - released by ROHS! (GER) - still some copies from Stashed Goods (UK) and Databloem (The Netherlands)

  21. Against the Storm - released by Focused Silence (UK)

  22. Tout est silencieux - released by Triple Moon Records (France)

  23. Glimpses - released by Cathedral Transmissions (UK)

  24. ást - released by Time Released Sound (US)

  25. "I Never Metaphysical I Didn't Like" - a digital compilation by Metaphysical Circuits - included a new track of mine under the new monicker FALLEN

  26. Secrets of the Moon (under a new monicker: FALLEN)

  27. Quiet Swamps

  28. Hidden Tales and Other Lullabies

  29. The Earth Cries Blood

  30. Whispering Tales under an Emerald Sun

  31. Find A Shelter Along the Path

  32. Unicorns still make me feel Fine

  33. Once Upon a Time the Light through the Trees


The Child of A Creek/ Fallen Italy

I am The Child of A Creek/ Fallen. I've released 22 records up 'till now and have shared the stage together with Artists like Carla Bozulich,Marissa Nadler, Laura Gibson,Xabier Iriondo&Wu Fei,Larkin Grimm,José Gonzales,Moltheni,RalfeBand,The Niro,Bachi da Pietra,Midori Hirano,Julia Kent,Elizabeth Cutler,Andi Almqvist,have toured Italy with Sharron Kraus and have played many solo shows ... more

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