Whispering Tales under an Emerald Sun

by The Child of A Creek

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Sung, Written, Composed, Performed, Recorded, Mixed and Produced by the Child of A Creek between January and February 2009 with acoustic guitars, electric guitars, flute, zither, electric piano, organ, synthesizers and percussions.

Released by A Beard of Snails Records (DEN) on March 2011. Distro Labels: A Beard of Snails Records (DEN), Eclipse Records (US), Norman Records (UK)

This CD is quite lovely, like some mystical kosmische-flecked folk. The man called Creek calls it shoegazey neo-folk but he’s most likely swish & Italian and probably not stupid, from Armley, armpit of Yorkshire. Seriously this is really cool, mystical stuff with a sweet cyclically plucked acoustic guitar, hollow percussion, a thrumming Fuck Buttons style mid-range growl & a flute all making appearances within the first few minutes. confused? you! should be but it all fits nicely together somehow. Later tracks have a real Coil/Current 93 or Alexander Tucker vibe – this one on now featuring a fizzing frequency that quietly drills into my left shell-like whilst an epic funereal march takes place, headed by the half-whispered wavering voice of the Child of a Creek. I don’t know his real name but I suspect he wears a hooded smock or a wizards cloak. Made by Prada. It all sounds like it should be played loudly from the side of a mist shrouded mountain. Check the clips as this is quite individual sounding and beautifully recorded. (Norman Records, UK)

Waiting for the ideal sequel of the wonderful “Find A Shelter Along the Path”, a small danish label has now released this new record entititled “Whispering Tales under an Emerald Sun”; this new stuff was recorded a little time before the recording of the mentioned Child of A Creek masterpiece. Although the eight songs sound slightly more experimental and less song oriented, the incantatory art of Lorenzo Bracaloni is here deployed in the grooves of these tales whispered under an emerald sun. Acoustic and electric guitars, flute, electric piano, organ and sinthetizers, loops and percussions are played here by a musician who has a rare meastria who reveals a rare and a precious neo psych folk writing at every listening (but watching also elsewhere), certainly not only in the italian way. Songs like “The Voyager” or “Shivers” (just to name two of my favourites) are indicative of a path that can’t be longer confined only to a current or to a simple psychfolk variant, but they are here to subscribe themselves into the aesthetics of the most unassignable visionary music. (Gino Dal Soler, Blow Up Magazine)

Last year I reviewed The Child of a Creek’s album, Find a Shelter along the Path. That was a nice, but straightforward, vagabond folk album. It had romantic lyrics about the artist’s various travels and his adventurous spirit. However, Whispering Tales under an Emerald Sun is much more of a sensuous album that is way more engaging. Only half of the tracks on here even have vocals, whereas I feel like Find a Shelter was mostly traditional in nature as far as lyrics and such go. This album does more to bring the listener into the nomadic narrative rather than passively portraying it to them as the previous album did. Lorenzo Bracaloni, an Italian artist, shows a real maturity on this new one. Using atmosphere as more of a medium this time than balladry, Whispering Tales is his fourth album. He uses minimal acoustics, organic sounding electric drones, shimmering effects, and light percussion to paint his floating vagrant portraits. He also seems to be more concerned with using his vocals as an instrument and churns them into the aimless ambiance. The whole effect makes you feel like you yourself want to leave your roots and take up an existence of adventure, traveling wherever the wind takes you. This is by far a more evolved, complex, and stimulating work than I remember hearing before. I stand in awe of the immense growth and talent that this guy has showcased since his last album. The CD-R comes wrapped up in a nice pearlescent bronze colored envelope with an emerald sun pasted on. Only 60 made. (Dave Miller/ Foxy Digitalis, US)

The Child Of A Creek is het geesteskind van Lorenzo Bracaloni, woonachtig in Toscane en misschien wel het best bewaarde muzikale geheim van Italië. Laat ontdekt en na contact heeft hij me zijn inmiddels uit vier cd’s bestaande oeuvre toegezonden. Lorenzo is verantwoordelijk voor werkelijk prachtige, dromerige, Engelstalige psych. folk, associatief met echoënde wouden en mistige bergmeren, alsof je het pad van Tolkien volgt. Deze getalenteerde zanger/muzikant schrijft, produceert en mixt alles zelf in zijn thuisstudio. Als multi-instrumentalist bespeelt hij tevens een breed scala aan instrumenten, waaronder akoestische 12-snarige en elektrische gitaar, zither, balalaika, fluit, elektrische piano, synthesizer en percussie. Je hoort reflecties van o.a. Inc.String Band en Nick Castro. Op zijn eerste, meer akoestische Once Upon A Time The Light Through The Trees uit 2005, horen we een zanger met de intonatie van Devendra Banhart en Marc Bolan. Het daaropvolgende Unicorns Still Make Me Feel Fine uit 2008 is wat psychedelischer van geluid. Lorenzo ontwikkelt zich steeds verder als songschrijver, culminerend in het muzikale dagboek Find A Shelter, een reflectie van een dag alleen in de bergen. Het resulteert in een album met fabuleus mooie, mystificerende composities. Het meer cinematisch klinkende Whispering Tales tenslotte is net uit en laat een verschuiving horen naar Floydische, kosmische folk. Geliefd bij de nieuwe lichting folkies, deelde hij het podium met o.a. Marissa Nadler, Larkin Grimm en Sharron Kraus. Voor liefhebbers van wonderschone psych. folk een absolute must om snel aan te schaffen, want de vroege releases zijn nog maar beperkt verkrijgbaar. The Child Of A Creek is een ware ontdekking. Om te koesteren zo mooi. (Henk Henk Rijkenbarg/ Heaven.nl, The Netherlands)

The Child of A Creek as Ben Chasny: I know, it sounds pretentious and “smart” in a way or another, but to be frank, it’s a concrete thing ‘cause Lorenzo Bracaloni aka The Child of A Creek has gained importance in the weird/psych folk field at a wordwide level and he has never failed any record, also when he takes distance from the usual path he runs like he does with in this brand new “Whispering Tales under an Emerald Sun”, which is presented as a “waiting” record, before the new official one. But I could say, yes maybe this record comes out from an “holiday period”, but to be frank again, it’s an high quality record better than any “Luminous Light”. We are in front of a whispered and a dilated folk, a windy nature ambient stream with minimal electronica. But..what atmospheres! I mean, what capacity to exploit a talent now full-blown that can only grow. “Whispering..” is a magic and precious record, it’s like Lorenzo’s attitude filtered by the dim light of the preceding waking dreams, including mild electric drone dirges and sinuous and dark lullabies. I am talking about dreams that are forgotten immediately upon awakening that leave a pleasant feeling and that allow you to face the day. Echoes of echoes of distant visions, blurry at best ‘till everyone feels their hearts inside of ‘em. (Giampaolo Cristofaro/ Audiodrome.it)


released March 15, 2011



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The Child of A Creek Italy

I am The Child of A Creek. I've released 8 records up 'till now and have shared the stage together with Artists like Carla Bozulich,Marissa Nadler, Laura Gibson,Xabier Iriondo&Wu Fei,Larkin Grimm,José Gonzales,Moltheni,RalfeBand,The Niro,Bachi da Pietra,Midori Hirano,Julia Kent,Elizabeth Cutler,Andi Almqvist,have toured Italy with Sharron Kraus and have played many solo shows ... more

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